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Church today…or not

We got up (early, thanks to the kids and the time change) and went to church this morning.  Everything was fine through the announcements, then Nathaniel started screaming (in nursery) and wouldn’t stop.  I held him for some time, and tried to feed him, and he would settle for a while, then go back to fussing.  Patrick stayed in the service until the Lord’s Table, then we gathered up the kids and had to leave.  I was sad doing that, but it was obvious that Nathaniel wasn’t going to be happy even if he was being held constantly, so we decided not to put all the other kids and the nursery volunteer through that.

After we got home, the boys napped, and we moved my computer to the living room.  Big fun!  Now I can check email while the kids are running around, since the office is not a baby-proofed place right now.

We’re getting ready for Timothy’s big day on Wednesday.  He will have an echo cardiogram, during which he will be sedated.  Unfortunately, I was unable to find anyone to watch Nathaniel while this is happening, so I will be staying home with him while Patrick takes Timothy down to the doctor.  I’m pretty sad about this, but I’m looking forward to hearing from Patrick as soon as the test is over, and I’ll try to talk to my groggy boy over the phone if I can.  I’ll just want to hold him, so it will be difficult, but he loves his Dada, and his Dada will make sure everything is okay.

That’s all I have for today.  Remember to vote on Tuesday!


Hello, NaBloPoMo!

It’s NaBloPoMo, and I’m in!  For my first post of the month, I’ve been tagged by Abbey in the fourth picture in the fourth folder meme.  Unlike Chrissie, my photos are decidedly not well-organized, so I sort of counted the picture folders on the server until I came to the fourth one, which definitely did not have sub-folders!  Here is the picture:



In this picture from January, Timothy is crawling around in our office, navigating between the playpen, the high chair, and his musical table, and taking time out to look cute for the camera.

I’m going to tag Elisa for this meme, and I’m saving the one she tagged me for until I can think of enough strange facts about me.  You’d think that would be easier! I suppose I made a mistake as to what I was tagged for.  Good thing Elisa pointed that out!

The Dentist

Timothy had his first visit to the dentist today.  I was a little apprehensive about how to control a squirming toddler, but how could I resist an offer for a free checkup and cleaning?

Things went great.  Since we went to a pediatric dentist, there were toys to play with, and Timothy loved it.  Once we went back, he didn’t have to sit in the chair, the dentist just had Timothy face me on my lap and lay down on my lap and the dentist’s lap so I could hold Timothy’s arms down.  He used a toothbrush and mirror to check out and clean his teeth at the same time, then he applied a little flouride to his teeth and he was all set.  Timothy does have a little bit of tissue connecting his upper lip to his upper gums, but the dentist said we could wait and deal with that just before he gets his permanent teeth.  It won’t be a big procedure to cut or anything, but at this age he would have to be sedated, and there’s just no reason to rush.  He said everything looked good, showed me how to floss his teeth with a pretty cool flossing tool, and even gave me advice on how to get Nathaniel to stop sucking his thumb.  It was a very pleasant visit, and Timothy came away from it clutching a toothbrush and a big superball.  I’m sure he’ll be happy to go back there in six months!

New Camera!

Our old Sony digital camera had finally gotten to the point where we had to smack it before it would take a picture.  After some online shopping, we found our happy new little camera…the Nikon Coolpix S550.  We’re having fun with it so far, even though the kiddos are already in bed.  Ready for a few pictures?  Well, here you go!

Our sweet little sleeping baby

Our sweet little sleeping baby

Cute, isn’t he?  He does like to pull his blanket up from his legs while sleeping on his side.

Our cute sleeping toddler

Our cute sleeping toddler

Also cute, no?  Okay, so his outfit doesn’t match, but pajamas are pajamas in this house.  He just loves to sleep in this pose.

I just couldn't get Molly to look at me instead of Patrick

I just couldn't get Molly to look at me instead of Patrick!

At least it’s a sharp, clear picture of Molly’s tail end!

The nutdog, in her native state

The nutdog, in her native state

Ah, the sleepy nutdog.  Contrary to what anyone who has ever visited us must think, this is actually how Molly spends most of her time.  Well, not so much on the floor as on the furniture, but you get the point.

Patrick, tired after a run around the block

Patrick, tired after a run around the block

Patrick is going to attend Squadron Officers School next year, so he has to get in shape!  He has been running on a treadmill at work when he has time, and running around the block in the evenings when he has busier days at work.  This picture was taken after a nighttime jog.

There you have it…a few pictures from our new fancy-shmancy camera.  I hope to be able to provide more terrific pictures as soon as I have kiddos that are awake!  Goodnight!

Cuteness abounds

There are many more pictures of Nathaniel in today’s post than there are pictures of Timothy.  This is mainly the result of how hard it is to get Timothy to hold still!

Another round of cute pictures

Included in today’s picture upload:  Nathaniel eating prunes!  Timothy’s first shiner!  A trip to the park!  A trip to the doctor!  Much cuteness!

Timothy’s belated 18 month checkup

Timothy saw his pediatrician yesterday.  Have I mentioned that we really like her?  Anyway, as we already suspected, he is REALLY TALL!  He is definitely off the chart on height; actually, he is further off the chart than he was last time!  For the most part, he is doing really well.

The doctor did have one concern.  He has had a benign heart murmur since birth, and nothing she has heard so far made her concerned.  Unfortunately, she thinks she heard something mildly concerning this time, so we are going to take him to a specialist to get him checked out.  This isn’t an emergency, and probably isn’t anything serious.  He was definitely wiggling around during her exam, and she listened to his chest three separate times just to see if she was actually hearing what she thought she heard.  Unfortunately, she couldn’t positively rule out a problem, so he has an appointment on October 27 to be evaluated by a cardiologist down at the children’s hospital in Salt Lake City.  We would appreciate your prayers for him.

Other than that, he is doing really well!  I’ll post the stats at the end, just to be like my dear sister.  🙂

Timothy’s height:  36 inches (91.44 cm)

Timothy’s weight:  30 pounds 15 ounces (14.03 kg)


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