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Church today…or not

We got up (early, thanks to the kids and the time change) and went to church this morning.  Everything was fine through the announcements, then Nathaniel started screaming (in nursery) and wouldn’t stop.  I held him for some time, and tried to feed him, and he would settle for a while, then go back to fussing.  Patrick stayed in the service until the Lord’s Table, then we gathered up the kids and had to leave.  I was sad doing that, but it was obvious that Nathaniel wasn’t going to be happy even if he was being held constantly, so we decided not to put all the other kids and the nursery volunteer through that.

After we got home, the boys napped, and we moved my computer to the living room.  Big fun!  Now I can check email while the kids are running around, since the office is not a baby-proofed place right now.

We’re getting ready for Timothy’s big day on Wednesday.  He will have an echo cardiogram, during which he will be sedated.  Unfortunately, I was unable to find anyone to watch Nathaniel while this is happening, so I will be staying home with him while Patrick takes Timothy down to the doctor.  I’m pretty sad about this, but I’m looking forward to hearing from Patrick as soon as the test is over, and I’ll try to talk to my groggy boy over the phone if I can.  I’ll just want to hold him, so it will be difficult, but he loves his Dada, and his Dada will make sure everything is okay.

That’s all I have for today.  Remember to vote on Tuesday!



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