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We’ve moved!!!!

This will be the last post at  We have moved our blog to  We will keep the old posts up for a while, but eventually everything will be on the new domain.  The new digs will give us more flexibility in customizing our website.  Please update your bookmarks and enjoy the new site!


Cuties in black and white

Nathaniel in black and whiteTimothy in black and white

I hope you love these pictures of the kiddos as much as I do.  I’ve been having fun playing with features on the camera, and I think the results here are pretty cute.

Most of the time he’s happy…

Timothy Tantrum

…but sometimes he just needs to throw a fit.

The boys and animals

Timothy loves animals.  He plays with our dog, Molly, far longer than is matched by her interest.  He watches birds outside our house.  He also loves to read books about animals–Touch and Feel Farm is a long-time favorite, and Petting Farm is a wonderful new addition.  The Petting Farm book came with a DVD, and this has been incredible.  It’s a simple concept which is perfect for him.  The narrator introduces segments featuring different animals, and children on the DVD talk about what the animals are doing, what a particular baby animal is called (such as horse/foal), and other general tidbits about the current animal.  I love watching this with him and teaching him different animal names and sounds.  He can make the sounds for dogs (his first animal sound, and still the default when he doesn’t know the answer), horses, sheep, baby chicks, and frogs (which aren’t in the DVD but which we have stuffed versions of all over the house).  Of course, sometimes he resembles a broken see-n-say:  “Timothy, what does the pig say?”  “Woof woof!”  “What does the duck say?”  “Woof woof!”  He’s very entertaining, and always proud of himself as we also are of him.

Nathaniel is just starting to become interested in Molly, and is going through the process of pulling her fur, smacking her nose, and pushing her face away when she tries to clean him.  Poor Molly put up with this from Timothy for several months when he was younger, and she is handling Nathaniel’s attentions with the same long-suffering gentleness.  We were able to teach Timothy how to be gentle with her, and we are grateful that she is putting up with Nathaniel’s attentions until he learns gentleness, too.

Timothy’s Visit to the Hospital

Patrick woke up very early this morning to take Timothy to Primary Children’s Hospital for his echo cardiogram today.  They arrived at about 7:00 am, and waited a few minutes for the cardiology department to open for the morning.  After taking his weight and doing a cursory exam, then turned out the lights in the exam room and used a fiber optic light to look at the veins in his hand.  It worked, they got the IV in on the first try!  He cried a little, but took it like a trooper.  They then moved to another dark room where the sedatives were administered, and the echo was performed.  They gave him enough to make him groggy, but did not completely put him to sleep.  He did start to wake up more a few times during the exam, and they administered a few more doses of sedative to keep him still.  After about thirty minutes, he went to recovery, where he woke up quickly and did not want to be held!  Patrick tried to let him sit up for a couple of seconds at a time to readjust his grip on Timothy, and he would get a little woozy and have trouble staying up, but was very awake for the most part.  They moved to ANOTHER room and were told that the doctor would be able to read the results and let them know in just a little while.  That was a relief since we had been told it would be a separate visit.  The doctor came in and said that it was just what he had suspected, that there was a narrowing in his pulmonary artery, causing noise, but that he would grow out of it.  Praise God!  We are so incredibly relieved.

Timothy did get to eat a little after being denied breakfast before the test, then came home and ate some bread with cream cheese (one of his favorites).  He (and his brother) then took a huge nap for about 3 1/2 hours!  It was a relaxing finish to a stressful day.

I am grateful for all the prayers that we have received during this time of concern about Timothy’s health.  I know that God strengthened us and helped Timothy handle all the discomfort of the testing, as well as bringing about such a great outcome.  Other children have to spend much more time visiting cardiologists and other specialists, and we are blessed to have two healthy boys.  I hope Abbey doesn’t mind that I am stealing a topic of hers from a few days ago, but please consider donating to/volunteering at a local children’s hospital in your area.  These facilities provide excellent care to children from families of all income levels, and they need all the support they can get to continue to do so.  One easy way for federal employees to give is to donate to your local children’s hospital through CFC.  Others may check to see if your employer will match your gift.

Thank you again for your prayers.  God bless you all.

I voted!

voteI voted for John McCain and Sarah Palin today.  There was no line, and the poll workers were a few decades younger on average than usual!  Now I just have to bide my time until the elections results come in tonight.  Obviously, I have to be an optimist to believe that McCain/Palin could win, and I have decided to be optimistic today.  Only time will tell if that is foolish, but I would rather be hopeful than not.

Updating other news about the family, Nathaniel is still stuck in a cranky cycle, but Timothy is settling in better with the time change.  He actually wasn’t hungry until lunch, and now he is down for a nap, though only time will tell if he actually takes one!  Now I’m settling in to watch election news, all of which is meaningless until tonight.  Oh, well…it makes me happy!

If you haven’t already, GO VOTE!


Congratulations to Rachelle on her pregnancy.  We pray it continues to go smoothly and that you are blessed with a healthy baby in a few months!

Today was another fussy day for Nathaniel.  What is up with the little guy?  I still think he is teething, and he has had a little constipation recently, but whatever is making him fussy does not seem to be letting up with Tylenol and liberal doses of prunes.  Hopefully things will be better tomorrow.

Timothy is doing pretty well, though he is having a little trouble adjusting his sleeping/eating schedule to the time change.  We’re working through it with the aid of pre-meal snacking, but without much napping.  Mommy is a little stressed when neither child is napping well!  I hope that both boys are back to their happy selves tomorrow.


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