The Dentist

Timothy had his first visit to the dentist today.  I was a little apprehensive about how to control a squirming toddler, but how could I resist an offer for a free checkup and cleaning?

Things went great.  Since we went to a pediatric dentist, there were toys to play with, and Timothy loved it.  Once we went back, he didn’t have to sit in the chair, the dentist just had Timothy face me on my lap and lay down on my lap and the dentist’s lap so I could hold Timothy’s arms down.  He used a toothbrush and mirror to check out and clean his teeth at the same time, then he applied a little flouride to his teeth and he was all set.  Timothy does have a little bit of tissue connecting his upper lip to his upper gums, but the dentist said we could wait and deal with that just before he gets his permanent teeth.  It won’t be a big procedure to cut or anything, but at this age he would have to be sedated, and there’s just no reason to rush.  He said everything looked good, showed me how to floss his teeth with a pretty cool flossing tool, and even gave me advice on how to get Nathaniel to stop sucking his thumb.  It was a very pleasant visit, and Timothy came away from it clutching a toothbrush and a big superball.  I’m sure he’ll be happy to go back there in six months!


5 Responses to “The Dentist”

  1. 1 soonermama October 6, 2008 at 2:29 pm

    Wow, we’ve not had that grand adventure yet. Were at the doctor today for the eczema and a flu shot though. Guess I should start looking for a dentist. Glad it went well!


  2. 2 kiddo_mama October 6, 2008 at 2:39 pm

    I hope the eczema is getting better as he gets older. And thanks for reminding me…we need to do flu shots too! I hope B wasn’t too cranky about his.

    Maybe you can find a dentist with a free cleaning for kiddos under age two? I had seen a business card for this dentist at our pediatrician’s office, then I saw the coupon in our weekly circular that we get in the mail, and that clinched it. I was so concerned that it would be a stressful thing for me and for him, but as I wrote, he just loved it!

  3. 3 Jamie October 7, 2008 at 10:17 am

    It may be a little early for this, but my nephew just got braces and flossing is a real problem for him. The hygienist gave him a new product called bryton pick, and he loves it…I use them to…keep it in mind for the future…thanks!

  4. 4 aunteee October 12, 2008 at 3:40 am

    Well done, organised kiddo_mama!! I’m so glad Timothy enjoyed his visit and that it was useful for you as well.

    Can you share the tips on stopping thumb-sucking?

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