Products I love

I’ve been meaning to do this for awhile, so here is a list of products that I use with my kiddos and happen to love.

The Fisher Price Aquarium Swing is a must have for me and other moms I know. I know that the listed price is pretty high, but look at consignment stores, or do what I did, get the floor model at WalMart! It is lightweight so it easily goes from room to room. In fact, Nathaniel is sleeping in it while I type this! It does play some music that is a little bit of a downer (my sister-in-law says it sounds like they took children’s tunes and turned them into funeral dirges), but kiddos fall asleep to it, so apparently it works. I couldn’t live without this swing.

Member’s Mark (Sam’s Club brand) diapers, wipes, and Gentle formula. Their diapers have been redesigned in the last year or so, and they’re so great now. We only have leaks on those delightful occasions when one of the boys has a poopy explosion, and if you can find a diaper that can contain one of those, I would sure like to know. I can’t even remember the last time one of the boys had a wetness leak from them. The wipes are terrific as well…the soft-sided travel-friendly packs work so well in my diaper bag as well as the changing station. The Gentle formula…well, I haven’t made this very public, but I am supplementing Nathaniel’s breastfeeding with a couple of ounces of this formula each day. After conversations with our pediatrician about his weight gain, she suggested that we try a few things to see if I am making enough breastmilk for his needs. We have discovered that I am not quite doing just that, so an ounce here or there from a bottle is really helping him. From our observations, his weight gain has picked up rapidly, and it will be quite normal at our next visit in a few weeks.

The unfortunately named My Brest Friend breastfeeding pillow has made a long-overdue debut in our home. The only color that was available at Babies R Us was pink, so I breastfeed my baby boy on a pink pillow. My sister is also a fan of this product, although we both feel that we should be ballpark vendors while wearing it. It is so much better than the Boppy because it goes all the way around the waist, therefore staying in place when you move. It also has a back support which is so important to me with my daily back pain. I think every mother should have one of these, whether she is breastfeeding or bottle feeding. It is so comfortable for either.

Nuby Flip-It no-spill straw cups (second product on the page). Timothy carries these everywhere around the house. They also go with us in the car…okay, they go with us everywhere. He feels like such a big boy drinking out of them….just ask him, he’ll say “biiiiiig boy!”

The Fisher Price Kick and Crawl Aquarium mat was a gift from my parents to Timothy when he was two months old, and now it is used by Nathaniel. It has different setups for the baby to lay on his back or tummy, then it becomes a tunnel to crawl through when he becomes older. It washes well, and has been through a lot of abuse from Timothy, but is still just as nice today as when Timothy was first using it. I really love this mat.

The Cosco Playard (the one pictured is slightly different from ours which is apparently discontinued) was something that we initially picked up for our nephew to sleep in while he stayed with us, but it became an item that I used daily with Timothy. If I needed to get things done, I knew he would be safe and happy for a while in there, and I could do housekeeping chores without worrying about his safety. When Nathaniel gets a little older, I will be doing the same thing with him, using it to protect him from the attentions of his older brother when I have to leave the room. I didn’t think I would need a playard until I got one and realized how invaluable it was. Oh, and it’s good for kiddos to sleep in on vacation too!

I know I’m not the all-knowing expert on motherhood, but I do try to look for a useful products that don’t cost a whole lot, and these all fit that standard.


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  1. 1 aunteee June 9, 2008 at 7:53 am

    Thanks for sharing your faves!

    You know the Brest Friend is truly a great product when we can recommend it despite the name. 🙂

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