The past ten days have been very difficult.  First, I started coughing uncontrollably and was diagnosed with bronchitis.  Then Timothy developed a cough and runny nose and was diagnosed with croup.  Finally, on this past Friday, Nathaniel developed a cough and congestion.  We brought him in to the pediatrician’s office on Friday evening because he is so young.  The PA that we saw said he was doing fine at that point, but to keep an eye on him.  On Saturday his cough worsened, then on Sunday morning his cough and congestion were giving him slight breathing trouble.  We made him an appointment and took him in on Sunday morning to see another PA at the doctor’s office.  His pulse oximetry was 91, which is a little low.  He also had to get a chest x-ray taken.  I nearly cried when we put him in the piggostat!  The chest x-ray showed a little irritation in one lung, and the PA diagnosed him as having bronchiolitis.  He had a nebulizer treatment in the office, after which his pulse/ox was 100.  We had a nebulizer delivered to our house, and we gave him treatments every four to six hours until bedtime.

The next day, we went in for a follow-up appointment with our regular pediatrician.  She checked him out thoroughly and said that he was doing just fine by that time.  His pulse/ox was 98.  Fortunately, this health scare was not too serious and she said his cough should go away in a few days.  What a wonderful answer to prayer!


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  1. 1 aunteee May 14, 2008 at 11:38 am

    I followed the link to the child immobiliser that was used for the chest X-ray, and I would have cried as well if I had to put a child in such a contraption. But it’s all a good result in the end, praise God!

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