Lots of learning

Timothy has been learning so much in the last several weeks that it’s hard to keep up with.  One of the things that he’s been doing more of in the last few weeks is matching objects.  When he grabs a block, a red triangle perhaps, he will grab another red triangle to play with.  If he stops and picks up a blue circle, he will drop the other red triangle and pick up another blue circle.  He also takes the water bottles that he plays with and stands them next to each other.

He is also learning a lot of new words, almost one every day.  Yesterday he said “careful” after I told him to be careful.  Today his daddy handed him a block and said “Here’s your red triangle,” to which Timothy replied “Hi, triangle!”  He’s such a big smarty pants….but of course we would think that.  🙂



1 Response to “Lots of learning”

  1. 1 aunteee April 21, 2008 at 12:11 pm

    How sweet!! Of course we expect him to be exceptionally smart, seeing as how both his parents were National Merit Scholars! It must be fun to hear what’s going on in his brain these days.

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