Blood glucose test results

This is something that I thought I was past, but due to an oversight, I will have to deal with.  In my appointment with Vivian today, she told me that my blood glucose level was high on my one hour test a few weeks ago.  Due to this, I will have to have further testing tomorrow.  I will get to fast overnight, then go to the lab in the morning where I will have a sugary drink, then wait one hour for a blood test, then one more hour for another blood test, then one last hour for another blood test.  I will not get the results of this test for at least a couple of days, so it will probably be Friday or Monday afternoon before I know anything.  Hopefully the high result on my one hour test was a fluke, and the three hour test will be within the normal range.  We would appreciate your prayers as I go in for this test in the morning.


1 Response to “Blood glucose test results”

  1. 1 aunteee January 23, 2008 at 10:16 am

    I totally thought you had sailed through the test, since you never heard anything back. No news is good news… or I guess it could be an oversight.

    Sorry you have to go through the fasting, sugary drink, triple blood test routine. I am praying all goes well!

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