Say “Ham!”

I love having “photo shoots” with Timothy.  He is such a ham that he makes it easy to take his picture.  In these shots, he is playing around, eating, then playing with some old video tapes that we are throwing away, and the box of tapes/cd’s that we are selling.  Also, thanks to Dan and Sandy for the musical table.

Hey, mom?  I’m stuck!Grinning for the cameraStill stuck, Mom!Are you going to help me out, Mom?Maybe Molly can help me.Finally, it’s time for some food.More!Daddy, if you don’t feed me faster, I’ll gnaw on your hand.I may be eating chicken noodle dinner, but I’m all ham!A cutie with dinner all over his faceVideo tapes?  I’m a DVD kinda guy, Mom.Hey, these things are pretty tasty!Big grin for MommyI have other things to look at now…Big CutieBig CutiePlaying and grinningOoooh, a box!Cutie!Back to those tapesBig smileMama’s CutieI love my musical table!Busy now, Mom!I have to carry a block everywhere I go


1 Response to “Say “Ham!””

  1. 1 abuelitag January 21, 2008 at 5:55 pm

    What a curious little guy! It’s amazing how fascinated they can become in things we take for granted, but they have to figure things out. Looks like another engineer in the making…and so handsome!

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